Consulting, Research & Development and Private Label Manufacturing

Green Rhino Group, LLC works with leading consumer brands in the organic fertilizer and plant management industry to design and build fertilizers using natural ingredients. In addition to working with well-known consumer brands we also use our expertise to create products for agricultural fertilizer companies.


Best Practices

We guide our clients through the best practices of developing and formulating proven, effective natural fertilizers.

A Complete, Turnkey Program

We oversee the manufacturing of fertilizers and the entire supply chain management process.

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100% Organic Fertilizers

We create organically certified, OMRI-Listed products approved for organic use.

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Whether you’re interested in developing an innovative, natural consumer or agricultural fertilizer, Green Rhino Group, LLC can assist you every step of the way. Since 2013, we’ve been bringing our extensive expertise and unique industry insights to all of the products we create. Contact us to learn more about our private label product development and manufacturing services and discover how we can enable you to achieve your objectives.

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